What if Your Business Partner Dies or is Incapacitated? A Buy-Sell Agreement is probably what you need.

Assume there’s a business called ACME, Inc., and it’s owned and controlled by two shareholders, Mr. Alpha and Ms. Bravo. (This hypothetical also applies to an LLC and its owners, which are called [...]


COVID-19 Reminds Us that An Estate Plan is Indispensable to Everyone, Not Just the Wealthy

Distilled to its most basic elements, an estate plan is concerned with three things: caring for your children; managing your health; and providing for how your assets are to be handled. An estate [...]


Contractor Licenses in the Context of a Business Purchase

What’s the deal with contractors licenses when you’re buying or selling a business? Well, there’s a lot to it and the process can be a long one so the issue should be identified [...]


Aren’t Trusts Only for Rich People? Why do I Need One?

No, trusts aren’t just for rich people. They’re for everyday people too, because they help you direct where your assets are to go after you pass away, plus they help your survivors [...]

What’s Nonconsolidation (or NonCon) Opinion Letter?

You’re in the process of refinancing a commercial real property, and the lender tells you that you have to procure a Nonconsolidation Opinion Letter (or a NonCon in industry parlance) [...]


Forming a Nonprofit

There are some misconceptions about tax exempt entities (aka “nonprofits”) out there. What is a nonprofit? How is one formed? (How one operates is far beyond the scope of this blog [...]


The Process of Buying or Selling a Business

People frequently come to me with deals containing terms and conditions that they’ve already negotiated (and often have committed to a signed Letter of Intent (“LOI”)). They ask me to prepare an [...]


Considering Investing in a Small Company’s Stock? Pay Careful Attention to the Deal Docs and Who’s Ahead of You.

I have people come to me to seek advice regarding a potential investment in a new-ish company (maybe a bit beyond startup phase) they’re considering making. Usually, it’s an [...]


California’s $800 Annual Franchise Tax – Can it be Avoided?

Many entrepreneurs in California are surprised to learn that if you form an entity here, you’re most likely on the hook for a mandatory minimum $800.00 annual tax called the Franchise Tax. [...]


Estate Planning 101 – things to consider when planning for the future

A lot of people seem to think that estate plans are just for rich people, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. In fact, the main benefit of an estate plan for us non-rich masses is [...]

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